About Us

Part of the Claven Group and based in Northamptonshire, dmsfieldcall refers collectively to the sister companies Fieldcall Limited and DMSFieldcall Limited, both of which are individually Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and backed by a private investment fund.

Our Group has been formed through carefully selected acquisitions and is led by an experienced management team. We are the UK’s leading specialist customer field visit business providing a range of field services which will help you to:

  • Extend the range of services offered to your customers 
  • Lower costs and improve processing times 
  • Reduce operational resource and cost
  • Obtain a clear picture of your assets and identify potential risks 
  • Provide valuable information which can only be gained by local Field Agents, so you can make informed decisions 
  • Alert you of any vulnerabilities identified and observed by our Field Agents 
  • Obtain and supply you with images, footage, and recordings for example of assets, security, and documentation. 

We support the UK’s financial services sector

Among others, using a proprietary data processing platform and a field force of over 180 vetted and accredited field agents based across the UK. We are the most forward-thinking supplier in the sector, and we have transformed our business by embracing new product streams and multi-skilling our staff and our Field Agent network.  

All our field force has been passed through the Financial Conduct Authorities Fit and Proper test and are required to undergo annual checks to ensure they remain compliant with this. As a business we ensure our field force are put through a robust induction process and receive ongoing refresher briefings. 

Handsome young smiling salesman giving thumbs up

We are agile and responsive and have over the years innovated and introduced many new service options to support our clients. We are particularly proud of the results our work has delivered for our insurance clients in terms of improved speed, savings and customer satisfaction:


Withdrawn Claims

When faced the prospect of a personal visit to validate a claim, more than 30% of claims were withdrawn by the policy holder.


Response Times

Our Field Agents are on average 5 x faster when responding to claims compared to Insurance companies inhouse Field Forces and Loss Adjusters.



On Escape of Water alone, one insurance firm benefited from an annual saving of £22.5m as a result of introducing our Field Agents to the Claims process.

Our Vision

We understand that our role is to represent our clients in a professional way whilst providing unrivalled levels of service to their customers. We believe all good relationships work through good communication and we aim to ensure that communication between our clients and their customers where is restored or enhanced.

Our Software

Our core operating platform is our AEGIS management system; we have designed, built and continue to develop the Aegis system to ensure it meets the requirements of our clients and our team. Not only does the system enable us to move from instruction to visit in a secure and rapid way, it also gives us and our clients real time data on performance.

Naturally, it can be used on smart devices via our App, which allows our Field force to capture photos, videos, audio and customer signatures providing all the information and evidence required to support our clients in getting the best possible outcome.

The App has been designed with security at its forefront which ensures we can capture sensitive information in a secure method and make sure it stays secure throughout its life cycle with us. The App and management system are subject to our Cyber Essentials Certification assessment and we ensure all our network remains secure with the help of Darktrace, a self-learning Cyber AI for cyber defence.

All contact with our group can be managed through this secure, compliant and state of the art part of our business. However, we appreciate that some of our clients may want to get a little more personal with us and we are flexible enough to accommodate that as well if required.