Our Services

We are the UK’s leading specialist customer field visit business providing support to a range of sectors.

We believe over the years we have been forward thinking and innovative for example we were the first to introduce “Reconnect Visits”; we developed an “End of Term” reporting offering for the Banks in 2010 in anticipation of the need.

Our proposition is simple; we will provide you with the best all round performance in the marketplace at the most competitive cost, and in the most compliant manner.

We offer a wide range of field services across several different business sectors.

Our field activity service is bespoke to the client’s specific needs, we estimate we complete over 500 different types of field visits for our clients, the field visit type and process adopted varies from client to client depending on a variety of factors.

Predominantly these are related to:

  • Insurance Claims Assessment
  • Asset Inspection and Images
  • Occupancy Checks
  • Tenancy verification
  • Reconnection with client
  • Engage with customers in arrears
  • ID Verification
  • Gathering of Financial Information
  • Vulnerable Customer Reporting
  • Property Inspection
  • Document Collection & Process Serving
Here are some examples:

We provide a service of personal delivery of legal documents to individuals, companies or firms who are (or to be) the subject of some form of court action, as well as swearing of associated affidavits where required. We would work with you on the precise details of your process requirements and map accordingly.

A cost-effective field engagement option for use where the client is unable to establish dialogue with the customer.

A more comprehensive field engagement. Our objective for this type of visit is to establish meaningful dialogue with the customer face to face to attempt to get a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s position according to our client requirements.

We complete document collection services for several clients and the service differs dependant on the individual client requirements. We currently collect examination papers, legal documents and one-off instructions from lenders where they possibly need an original document signing and returning to the lender.

A relatively new niche in the mortgage industry, where we provide a wide range of traditional home visit services. However, as repayment is often driven by a sale event, sensitive ‘occupancy checks’ are popular.

Visiting policy holders who make claims for escapes of water, accidental damage, burglary, storm including commercial property. This includes photographic evidence, contextual video and text narrative. This can also be provided for Road Traffic Accidents, Liability Assessment and Locus Reporting using the same technology. 

We have several clients who provide this type of advance and we are familiar with the challenges faced when often the mortgage may be in order but the rental element is in arrears and we are asked to engage with a customer to discuss this element of their home finance.

At the request of several ‘commercial lenders’, we have developed a reporting process to gather information for the lender to assess the way forward when a commercial advance is in arrears accommodating advances to Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole traders.

Our objective here is to act as your “eyes and ears” on the ground at your security address. We will visit the address and make contact with the occupants in order to confirm occupiers, details of occupancy and tenancy, where rent is being paid and who to etc. In addition to providing information and evidence of property condition.

We can provide assistance to both tenant and landlord through our information gathering services, such as:

  • Providing and ensuring ‘Prescribed Information’ is completed and returned engaging with the tenant Right to rent check – support with information gathering/checking.
  • Inventory checks – property condition and contents recorded at the start, interim and end of the tenancy recorded via contextual video platform – stored securely to provide a permanent accessible record to reduce disputes.
  • Assisting with completion and Serving of ‘Prescribed Information’ at the end of the tenancy.